Easton Police Department moving to old Express Times building

EASTON, Pa. – The Easton Police Department is looking forward to having more room as it prepares to change addresses.

Officers are set to move from the bottom of a parking garage to the old Express Times building.

There is some minor housekeeping before the city gets the keys to the eight million dollar project. 69 News was here two months ago and it didn’t look like the same place, a place the chief of police hopes stuns the public.

The new holding cells in the Easton police department headquarters can fit more than 15 people at once if needed. Just a part of the building which chief Carl Scalzo says is a major improvement over the current station.

“I think it is going to allow for a streamlined professional police department,” said Scalzo. “I hope it translates to the work product they see on the street.”

Easton Mayor Sal Panto says the final price tag will come in a little under eight million dollars.The city will take ownership of the building on Friday, barring any issues during the codes inspection.

“I think we got more than our money’s worth,” added Panto. “I think working with Lou Pektor’s group was very successful for us.”


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